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I offer in home training, board and trains, and hybrid options.


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We started training our newfypoo with Chloe when he was about 7 months. We were a little late in the game, so we weren’t sure how it was going to go. Chloe was very patient and encouraging towards Leroy, and he immediately trusted and bonded with her. Her voice is magic when it comes to dog training. She turned our stubborn, lazy pup into an upbeat, obedient boy! We are so thankful to Chloe for all her help - we love going for off leash walks and runs. Leroy’s quality of life has only increased with his training. Chloe is always available to us if we have any questions or concerns and has even reached out to us to see how things are going since completing training. Couldn’t recommend her enough!!


Chloe is the absolute best! She was like a wizard with our German Shepherd pup. From 0 leash etiquette to now a well behaved off-leash girl. Chloe’s program is methodical, it builds one skill with the next, and she explains why and how the techniques work by connecting the dots between how your dog thinks and how you interact. One of the best parts about working with Chloe is that she will never not be available for you - throughout training she’s available obviously - but even beyond your initial program she is more than happy to answer questions, provide feedback, and work through any habits that you may realize you’d like correcting. We can’t recommend her enough. They say you should invest in things that you’ll use daily and this is one thing I will never apologize for spending money on. Thanks Chloe!


I have a 5 month old mini sheepadoodle puppy who started training with Chloe at around 3-4 months old and the progress he has made is amazing. Never did I think I would have a puppy that listens and follows commands before he is even 6 months old! Chloe provides you with all the tools you need and teaches you valuable techniques that can be used at any age and for any dog. She also makes herself available to you 24/7 for any questions/concerns you may have. I could not recommend her more!!

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